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Monday, December 5, 2011

Burglaries on the rise in Whitestone.

Dear Community Members,

The 109th Precinct has experienced an increase in burglaries. We urge you to read and share the information below with your civic members, community groups, neighbors family and friends.

1)Residential Burglaries

Whitestone and North Flushing Area

These burglaries are occurring during the day time between 11am and 3 pm by forced entry into rear windows and doors. Perpetrator is a male Hispanic, approximately 30 years old, medium build, 6 ft tall and possibly wearing gloves.

Recent Incidents

27Avenue/165 street
154 Street/ 25 Avenue
29 Avenue/ 168 Street
150 street/ Bayside Avenue

2)Commercial Burglaries

Offices/business - Flushing Area
Burglaries are occurring after close of business and over night.
Unknown Perpetrator
Method of Entry- Force/ entry door

Recent Incidents

33 Avenue/ 146 street
147 Street/ Sanford Avenue

3) Contruction sites/Factory/Warehouse Burglaries

Flushing/College Point Area

These burglaries are occurring in the evening and overnight.

Perpetrators- 3 male blacks/ 30-35 years old/ driving a black van in search of copper and metals.

Recent Incidents

120 street/ 31 avenue
28 avenue/ 120 street

How you can help and what you can do to protect your home and property

1) Call 911 for suspicious persons
2) Construction sites must secure their materials and tools in an enclosed area
3) If possible, a security guard should be used for large construction sites
4) Alarms and security cameras should be utilized for all residential homes and commercial places of business
5) Use extra locks and interlocking latch guards on all entry doors to prevent the door from being pried open.
6) Commercial properties should have plenty of lighting around the property.

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