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Friday, May 10, 2013

3rd avenue exit Whitestone Bridge

With the closure of the third avenue exit off of the Whitestone Expressway, there has been no major increase in traffic on the other highway exits.

Children riding their bikes on the sidewalk without fear of a car or truck accidentally running a stop sign and or driving on the sidewalk.

Crime within the Malba Gardens area has decreased significantly.

No more strangers ringing our bells all hours of the day and night looking for water and or a jump because of a "breakdown".

No more bags of garbage and used fast food bags along with other used items left behind by animals that have no respect for our community.

No more sidewalk/street mechanics working on broken down cars on our streets leaving behind their empty corona bottles along with all the other garbage left behind by "mechanics".

The 3rd avenue exit closure has been a Blessing for the Malba Gardens community, as well as Whitestone as a whole.