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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sound Barriers on Whitestone Bridge approach.

Now that the construction on the Whitestone Bridge has begun and all the trees have been removed, we ask you our neighbors how is the sound level affecting your Quality of Life? 

We have been promised new trees once construction is completed in two or more years.  Problem is, they are going to add a "Breakdown" lane 18 feet.  This will bring traffic 18 feet closer to the homes and our community. So the young trees they plant will do nothing to reduce the noise that will be 18 feet closer to our homes.

We at Malba Gardens have been advocating for Sound Barrier Walls as well as landscaping in front of the wall once the project is complete.

Please share with us you thoughts , suggestions, and ideas.


Adam Lombardi said... supports the construction of Sound Barriers on the Whitestone Bridge approach.

Anthony Melone said...

It's imperative that our politicians get involved before the MTA ruins a neighborhood that was built on pride. The fact that the MTA took no consideration of its neighbors when planning such a project is disgraceful. If they don't act we will! said...

election day is comming up said...

Election Day is Comming up