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Friday, July 29, 2011

Crime heating up in Whitestone

On 160th street in Beechhurst a Red Nissan Maxima had all the tires stolen, car was left on cyder blocks.  The other day ‎2 Bicycles have been STOLEN from 2 separate houses on 11th ave between 154th street and 152nd street.

Keep your eyes open and gates locked.  If you see something or someone that you have never seen before, keep your eyes open, alert your neighbors, turn your houselights on (so they know people are up and about), and if necessary, call 911.

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Sebastian Gawel said...

There have been multiple parts stolen from bmws in the area. It happened twice between 11PM and 6AM - on nights that it rained - a man or a group of people - go through the neighborhood stealing parts of expensive cars. For example: mirror trims, mirror housings, fender flares, etc.. PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR PEOPLE DURING NIGHT THAT ARE NEAR CARS ON STREET FOR NO REASON