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Sunday, May 1, 2011

An open letter to Greater Whitestone Taxpayers Association, Waterside Estates, and Whitestone Boosters Beach

The Following is a letter our group sent out to Greater Whitestone Taxpayers, Waterside Estates, Whitestone Boosters, Community Board 7, and all our Elected Representatives, in the hopes of creating a true Community based effort to remedy a serious Traffic Problem.

After meeting with our members last night, several of which belong to Whitestone Taxpayers as well. There were several concerns that were voiced regarding the problem on 5th avenue. While the discussion of getting enforcement was a good start, it is unfortunately a temporary fix, as the minute PD is not present for more than a day the trucks will be back. There is also the fact that as per DOT 107 cars per hour travel on our small residential street with 33% of those cars speeding . This too needs to be addressed, as it creates a seriously dangerous situation.

Our goal is to work together with your group as in the past with Pat Carpentiere and Barbara Ellenberger. With that being the goal, we are asking you what suggestions your group may have that would rectify the problem before it is too late.

We have proposed the following:
1) Bollards running from the exit down to just past 4th avenue (Proposed by Whitestone Taxpayers).

2) Talking to MTABT about stationing the officer that is to be under the Bridge at the corner of 3rd avenue allowing them to enforce truck restrictions and slowing down cars (Proposed by GWTCA).

3) Removing the extended concrete divider back past 6th avenue as it was pre 1994 ( a little further back for slowdown before turn), thus allowing cars the option of turning onto 6th avenue as well as 5,4,3rd avenues
(as it was from 1939 - 1994).

4) Getting the exit pushed back to the original design of 7th avenue which, as we all know is a 70 foot street that leads to a commercial part of the neighborhood. It was designed by Robert Moses to be the exit street and handle exiting traffic.

5) Turning 5th avenue to a one way westbound operation.

6) Turning both 5th and 4th avenues to a one way westbound operation (Proposed by GWTCA).

7) Keeping the 3rd avenue exit closed permanently except for Emergency Vehicles as on the Cross Island Parkway by the BayBridge complex. This would alleviate all traffic problems in the entire area, would alleviate much of the crime issues by eliminating the easy access to the community, increase property value, and many more benefits that we can discuss at a later time.

With the 3rd avenue exit being closed for a two year period, this will give us in the community an opportunity to see how we are affected and if it can work. For the benefit of the entire community, we should utilize this closure as a "trial period" before we make any decisions against permanent closure. This is a gift being given to us in the community and we should not let it be wasted.

We still feel that converting both 5th and 4th avenues to a one way on a trial basis (until exit is closed) would be a good test to see how it affects the community and give us the ability to reconvene and work out any issues that may arise. This would allow us all in the neighborhood to have an educated say in how we the community members are affected. Instead of pushing ahead for a permanent conversion with no recourse after.
These are our suggestions and concerns regarding the 5th avenue problem we await your suggestions and working with your group to make our community safer for all the families that live in it, especially their children.

Malba Gardens Civic Association

We will be emailing our letter to PD requesting enforcement, and highlighting the lack of enforcement within our entire community. With your input we hope to send a detailed Group letter.


Anonymous said...

Why are you guys wasting your time with GWTCA???
They never see a development project they don't like!

Ever notice all they ever focus on is the area near Boosters? They will try to block you guys every step of the way while smiling in your face, believe me, I've been there with them. They supported the Whitehouse expansion an then backpeddaled, ask yourself why. They also were instrumental in letting Kin Ray move out of the neighborhood, so now there will most likely be a Manufaturing plant on site, or more homes on Brownfeilds.

I remember back in the 80's with the drug dealers in the park, they did nothing. Some of the residents had to mobilize and form a watch group and then all of a suddent they joined the group, and started their own patrol. Ever go to one of their meetings? The old timers sit there listening to the politicians, Police, and Fire capitans giving them slanted statistics and they all nod and chant "great job". While I respect the elderly, they don't question authority and are lied too.

Why can't they ever get Francis Lewis Park cleaned? Why did it take someone with no ties to them to get a new playground? Why are they taking credit for it? Why did it take that same person to get a walkway to the $500,000 Bocce courts incorporated into the playground construction? Half a Mill on 2 Bocce courts and no path to get to them?

As for Waterside Estates, that development was built with no planning or regard to impact in the community. It was also given a waiver from having Sidewalks, yet walk on their lawn where the sidewalk should be, and look out. One idiot told me and my 3 year old daughter we were trespassing! They have signs all over the place that read Private Property, yet they are City Streets that our tax dollars pay for. I say that like everywhere else, that development should have provided greenspace and a park, like every development that goes up in Brooklyn and Manhattan..

As for Boosters beach well what is it exactly that they do for the community?

These people have ruined my neighborhood, and you are a fool for trying to work with them.

Anonymous said...

I say that like everywhere else, that development should have provided greenspace and a park, like every development that goes up in Brooklyn and Manhattan..

They should take the remaining 6 acres and turn it into a park for the entire community, not just Waterside Estates, or "Whitestone Jewels" !!!

Anonymous said...

This is a great letter, good luck to you guys and your quest. Be wary however, they don't like to share the sandbox.

Anonymous said...

Heard they pulled the rug from under you guys once again