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Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Hazardous conditions on 5th avenue

These are pics of DEP removing hydrant because it was leaking. Our concern is with the fact that it now stinks like Diesel on the block (did they get it all?) and if hydrant was leaking, why did they back fill yesterday

Over two weeks after a serious Haz Mat situation occurred on 5th avenue in Whitstone Queens. DEP was on scene once again today to replace the Hydrant that was run over by a Tractor Trailer illegally turning onto our residential street. At that time it was reported that after the truck hit the hydrant, he attempted to back out of the street, in effect running the hydrant over twice. IF THIS WAS A PERSON , IT WOULD HAVE INSURED DEATH!!! In his attempt to back out he ruptured his gas tank and spilled approximately 75 - 100 gallons of Diesel fuel on our street, our sewer system, and our soil.

A company apparently hired by the trucking company came yesterday to remove soil and back fill with sand. They left four large rocks that were under ground above ground, around the hydrant? Today DEP had to dig out the Hydrant because it was leaking. Could this have been a danger if one of the homes on the block caught fire? Has this Hydrant been leaking since March 6th, the date of accident? How is it that those digging and back filling yesterday did not notice the leak? Have lives been once again placed in danger by jeopardizing a Fire Hydrant?

Now that DEP dug out the hydrant, the smell of diesel has neighbors crying foul. "Our entire block smells like Diesel", a DEP worker was seen coming out of the hole and overheard complaining "it should never have been back filled , it stinks down there, they need to get more out!".

This is of great concern to us, as you can imagine.

This traffic problem needs to be resolved.

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Did this compromise homes , residents, and Firemen if their was a fire?

Did they get all the Diesel?

What about the Diesel that went into the Sewers?


Anonymous said...

I had to close my windows, the smell was suffocating. It made my mother vomit.

It looked all green and gooey in that pit.

Anonymous said...

I live on 4th avenue and saw that when it first happened. I also had to close my window the other day due to the smell of Diesel.

These poor people of 5th deserve better. Its not fair what Tramunti and the DOT has done to them.

We all need to come together as neighbors and get this fixed before it really is too late.


Anonymous said...

That truck hit a hydrant and then tried to back up hitting it again? Wow ! What an Asshole. What if that was a person? DEAD! But who cars right!

This problem on that block has gotten terminal, and no one is doing a fcking thing about it. Why?

Why did McCarthy throw it back on the community?

Make the street a one way westbound already, its the right thing to do.

Where are the elected officials on this???

Isn't 107 cars per hour a Hazard?
I hate driving on that block, its like a line of 20 deep just to get to the stop sign.

Malba Gardener said...

I just met with Councilman Halloran, who said he would be in favor of seeing 5th avenue a one way westbound on a trial basis until te exit is closed in 2013.

This way we can see the effects on the community. It would also create a safer situation until the proposed closing of the 3rd avenue exit in 2013.

He also promised to meet with MTABT and its engineers regarding the construction and the exit placement.

Anonymous said...