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Friday, December 31, 2010

Old CYO / Whitestone Jewels

We at Malba Gardens do not have an anti development view, we just request that the law be followed and all impact studies be done. We also request that if their is an alternative that would aleviate congestion we should explore it. A community center with a garden is just a suggestion, as is a private park for the residents only.

Please read our posts and familiarize yourself with what we are saying. As always your input is welcome.

How are the residents of 7th avenue and 152nd street coping with the New, Modern,Progessive Commercial buildings?

When a property recieves a 50% tax break, our question is why not the rest of the community, you know the ones that live here.

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Anonymous said...

can someone please tell me why people are so stupid. why dont they realize that a 50% tax break for a development is just plain unfair. when they develop this property and the city has to foot the bill for the infrastructure, their taxes will go up not decrease. notice all the people involved politically have ties to the mayors office or a real estate developer. some idiots have said that a park or community educational center with a garden would only attract the noisey annoying kids. who wants kids in a single family community? a community where one in 3 households has at least two children under teens?