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Sunday, May 2, 2010

CB 7 tables 5th avenue decision

Ladies and Gentlemen, the decision on our Safety Issue on 5th and 4th avenues has been tabled by Community Board 7 until further notice. Being that the 3rd Avenue exit is slated for closure next Spring for approximately one to two years, it was decided that another traffic count should be done when exit is closed to determine ? I guess the number of cars that will be utilizing street when it is closed. This is better than the No Vote that was apparent, so let us wait and see.

I say to those who question the number of survey responses on 5th avenue, please be reminded that traffic from 147th to 149th streets drops over 60% from amount that travels from Whitestone Expressway to 147th street, going from 107 vehicles per hour down to 40, verifying that most vehicles make a turn at the intersection of 5th and 147th.

Also several politicians have requested signage like stop signs on the Service Road and 5th avenue which would in effect stop the cars driving on the Service road but not the cars coming off the exit, which is over 85% of our problem. If they put a Stop on 5th from Service Road to Highway exit, this will either back up traffic onto to Highway, or create a serious Pile up.
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What has happened is that the residents of 5th and 4th avenues will have to "Deal with it" for a minimum of 2 years if not more. Then more studies, more surveys, more "Committees", maybe by that time things will change and God willing no one gets hurt.


Anonymous said...

Table it? are they serious? Till when, someone gets hurt? Cut and dry people, they realy need to get their heads out of their asses. DOT? Really? I don't even live on the block and know what is going on there. Give these people a break. Kelty, and Appellian stop the bullshit, and you know what Halloran, Padavan, Ackerman, Carrozza, Marshall, and McCarthy step up and do what is right for the people for a change?

Anonymous said...

Just saw your link to the Jackson Heights street closure for park on 78th street. Great to see some Elected and other Officials still can do some good.

Anonymous said...

I have lived in this area for over 35 years and can not believe what is going on. A Police cadet academy with a shooting range in our back yard of College Point that will be venting out all of the lead from the Lead Bullets. The Development of the old CYO camp with no EDC Impact Studies, the new Vallo busses that will soon be coming down 5th avenue, what is going on in our neighborhood? We need a smaller Council District, with another Police Pct, and another Community Board, that will represent Our Community. On another note, what is going on with the FEDERAL LAW VIOLATION THAT WAS COMMITTED BY CB7?